Messy Mayhem
Messy Mayhem
Football Camp
Football Camp
Puppet Making
Puppet Making
Great Outdoors
Great Outdoors

Fun Fest Cheadle has some great activities!

  1. Easter Gardens

    Design and plant your own mini Easter garden.
  2. Tennis Club

    For budding Tennis stars or just amateurs, this is tennis fun for all!
  3. Hockey

    A great chance for children to learn the basics in a fun & challenging space!
  4. Cricket Club

    An opportunity for Cricket fun for all ages and abilities!
  5. Circus Training

    Very popular! Learn circus skills & watch the show by professional clowns!
  6. Treasure Quest

    A scavenger hunt to solve the puzzle and outwit your opponents.
  7. Animaltastic

    Get up close and personal with our animal and insect friends.
  8. Harry Potter Experience

    Potions, Quidditch, Wand Making or Spells: which is your magic power?!
  9. Mad About Science

    Interactive and exciting science session!
  10. Selfie Stick

    Photography and craft combined in one session!
  11. Basketball

    Basketball for all ages and abilities with fun drills and games!
  12. Football Camp

    Practice football skills, have a penalty shoot out and play a match.
  13. Tag Rugby

    What better way to learn about and enjoy the rugby basics!
  14. Dodgeball

    A classic loved by all children of all ages!
  15. Rounders

    Rounders basics for children of all ages and abilities!
  16. Easter Egg Hunt

    Follow the clues to solve the Great Fun Fest Easter Egg Hunt!
  17. Picturesque Painting

    Get creative and paint on canvass!
  18. Playful Painting

    Creative, messy, paint-based fun!
  19. Spring Gardens

    Design, create and plant a mini-garden.
  20. Cupcake Heaven

    Get creative with baking!
  21. Halloween Party

    Non-stop halloween party fun!
  22. Jack O' Lanterns

    Craft your own halloween lantern to take home.
  23. Witches, Wizards & Ghouls

    Create your own scary costume for Halloween.
  24. Autumn Gardens

    Create your own Autumn garden to enjoy.
  25. Halloween Messy Mayhem

    Halloween crafts
  26. Badminton

    We've got the equipment & coaches, you bring the fun!
  27. BLING!

    Become a fashion designer as you customise and accessorise.
  28. Athletics

    Try a range of running, throwing and jumping events!
  29. Picture Perfect

    Craft a beautiful frame around a photo of yourself!
  30. Wacky Races

    So much silly & so much fun! Sack races, egg & spoon, 3-legged: all the classics!
  31. Summer Gardens

    Paint & plant your own beautiful summer garden display!
  32. Pottery

    Make and decorate your own clay pottery & paint a cute ceramic pottery piece!
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