Easter Egg Hunt 

Stuntney Easter Egg Hunt and Party - Ely Online - Ely, Cambs. UK


What you need to do:

Grown ups – Your job is simple.

Hide the eggs around the house and wait for the kids to find them!

Each ‘EGG’ has a letter – once they find all the eggs, they will spell out a special Easter word. (Clue – season!)

Once they have figured out the word, you can award them with their Easter Goodie bag!

Use your space as you wish – a few ideas below:

  • 1 in each room, give them a list of the rooms to search
  • Outside only if a lovely day
  • Combine with any Easter treats you may have boughts them for bonus points

For the harder hunt please place the eggs specific to where the clues lead:

(Bread bin/toaster, bottom of stairs/near front door, tap, car, pillow, tooth – brush, egg, address – front door near number/nameb , stick, leap – calendar)

The Clues:

Clue 1.  What do you put in a toaster?

Clue 2.  How many steps on the staircase in a bungalow?

Clue 3.  What do cows drink?

Clue 4.  What has 3 letters and starts with gas?

Clue 5.  What loses its head in the morning but gets it back at night?

Clue 6.  What can be white and yellow at the same time?

Clue 7.  What does everyone know how to open but not how to close?

Clue 8.  What dress does everyone have, but nobody wears?

Clue 9.  What is brown and sticky?

Clue 10.  What is a kangeroo’s favourite year?